Monday, September 1, 2008

Lazy Monday

Today is Labor Day. You know what that means. No work! We had a nice picnic today at a park near my hometown and collected acorns for some squirrels that live in the tree behind our house. Do squirrels even eat acorns? I have no idea, but I hope so after collecting half a grocery sack full! If not, know anyone that wants acorns?!?!

The last few days I have discovered a new best friend. The sad thing is that it was "someone" here for many months. That best friend is my ice pack. Yeah, I know, that sounds pretty pathetic. BUT look at it this way, an ice pack doesn't talk back. Heck you don't even have to see them unless you to! The second great thing about an ice pack is that you can use it to take away your aches and pains. That is why I have chosen the ice pack as my newest amigo.

In honor of my new friend, today's tip is how to make one of these gems just in case you need it and can't get to the store - or if your too cheap to buy one. : )

So what you do is mix 1 part of rubbing alcohol to 2 parts of water. You can just pour the stuff directly in a heavy duty plastic freezer bag. Rubbing alcohol doesn't freeze so you will just get a nice slushy mixture is flexible enough to use on any part of your body. Oh - one thing, the contents will expand somewhat. So make sure the bag is large enough for expansion! You can reuse this over & over.


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