Sunday, September 28, 2008

The end of another weekend

Boy did this weekend fly by! We were so busy. Yesterday we picked up food that we ordered through the Angel Food Ministries. Boy what a good deal that was! One of the guys that works there was helping me to carry my purchases out to the car and was commenting on how big the program has grown here over the past months. It's no wonder when everyone is so strapped finanancially and the prices of everything are skyrocketing! It's such a great program and it's wonderful that there are no income requirements. Seems all to often its the middle income people who especially feel the pinch. The lower income get assistance, the wealthy....well they don't need anything. But the middle income people have to scrape to get by because they make too much to qualify for anything - of course they look at the income pretax and don't consider any living expenses. Oh well. Hopefully when we have a new president things will turn around. Although I seriously doubt they have that much control and it will take YEARS to get the country out of the enormous amount of debt that GW seems to have acquired.

Today church was wonderful. The Sunday school kids sang a song during the service. It's so nice to see some of them so passionate about God. Sometimes I'm not sure how much April is actually listening and she'll surprise me at an unexpected time (usually when I'm driving the car) by saying something like..."Mom, do you know who is in the car with us?" I'll ask "Who?" and she'll say "God and Jesus. Pastor says that they are in front of us, behind us, below us, and above us." Then I'll know she's at least getting something from it. She loves listening to Christian Rock in the car too. I get so tired of listening to the same songs over and over, but at least its good music! I really enjoy listening to KLOVE.

On to the tip of the day! One thing I like to eat is bacon. But it's such a pain to cook, grease splatters everywhere and they curl up and shrink to nothing. There are 2 ways to avoid this. One is to cook them at about 400 degrees for about 10 minutes (cooking times vary by oven). The other way is to place the bacon in a large frying pan and then to place another pan on the top of the bacon. Lift it periodically to check if it's cooked. This also heats the pan that is weighing down the bacon to cook both sides.

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