Sunday, November 22, 2009

Freezer Inventory

Today my daughter had a friend over to play. While they played I decided to empty out our small chest freezer in the basement and see just what we had. Since I had to take time off unpaid when I had surgery money will be tight for a few weeks - so I wanted to see just what we had here that I could use up.

Here's what the freezer contained:

1 - spinach and mushroom pizza
1 - 4 cheese pizza
1 - pkg of chicken stir fry
2 - 1 quart bags of chicken enchilada (homemade)
2 - pork roasts
1 - ham steak
1 - whole chicken
11 - pkg of corn
2 - pkg of hot dogs
1 - pkg diced chicken meat
1 - pkg crinkle cut fries
1 - pkg bacon
3 - pkg of filet Mignon
1 - pkg mixed veggies
1 - pkg chicken tenders
1 - pkg beef sausages
2 - 1 pound pkgs of ground beef
1 bag of ice

I was thrilled to discover I had so much meat in the freezer - since that's one of the most expensive things to have to buy. I am planning on checking out the Angel Food website and possibly purchasing some of the packages offered there.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'm ba-ack!!

Whew. It's been a long time since I've been on here. I had my hysterectomy on November 6th. It was a lot more draining and well, I guess consuming than I thought it would be. I was completely unprepared for the physical toll it would take on me. I spent 4 days after the surgery so nauseated that I could hardly eat anything. I'd eat about 4 bits of something and feel so sick that I thought I would blow chunks.

On that 4th day the doctor gave me something to help with the nausea. As it turned out, the nausea was caused by me not having had a B.M. (who knew???) As soon as I was able to go I started to feel better immediately. Yes, I was sore. Yes, I was tired. But over all the recoup time really wasn't bad.

So...... I have to tell you..... I haven't taken my 5,000 meds since the day before surgery. I am on day 12 of not taking any meds and I feel terrific!!! Before if I didn't take my meds in a 48 hour period of time my muscles would all start to stiffen up on me and I'd feel intense pain. They had me on muscle relaxers and lyrica for the pain (they thought it was possibly fibromyalgia) and addreall because they thought I had a form of narcolepsy. Since I haven't had any of the stiffness or crazy sleep problems since my uterus was ripped out I'm beginning to wonder if my uterus was somehow causing these problems, like poisoning my body. I have my follow-up appointment on Thursday morning and plan on asking the doctor.

Here it is less than 2 weeks after the surgery and I just know I made the right decision. Yes, it was hard - I've wanted another child since my daughter was 1 year old. I'm lucky to have the one. Given all the problems I had during my pregnancy and afterwards (that's a whole nother post!) it's probably for the best. My body probably wouldn't make it through another pregnancy - at least my hips wouldn't!!

Another bonus......(drum roll please)..........

I am weighing in at 118 pounds!!!!

I never thought I'd see that weight again. It's actually 2 pounds under the weight that the doctor thought I could actually reach - but since I'm only 5'1" it's still well within the healthy range. I have to say - scars from the hysterectomy aside - I look hot!!! : ) Now I just need to maintain - which isn't going to be easy considering I really can't do anything for exercise right now. But I am so excited and I feel terrific. I feel so HEALTHY!! I honestly don't remember ever feeling this good. Yay for me!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

You smell like radishes!

When my husband comes home from work each night the first thing he does is take a shower. (He works in a honey plant & sometimes smells sickeningly sweet or like bbq sauce - cause they make that as well.) Tonight he came down from his shower and smelled like aftershave. I really like the smell of his aftershave and told him smelled delicious.

April piped up saying "Radishes? He smells like radishes?"

Ah. The things kids say..... : )

Monday, November 2, 2009

Weekend before Surgery...

I had such a great weekend. I had a lot of things I wanted to get done before I have my hysterectomy on Friday. The house was the big priority. I am ashamed to admit this, but several years ago I quit caring. I didn't care about taking care of myself or my home. My daughter was the priority, heck everything but me and the house were a priority.

Since I began exercising and actually taking time for myself I have noticed my attitude about other things change too. For years I've been embarassed by how cluttered my home is. But I guess I didn't care enough to do anything about it. I know that sounds terrible. I've been doing a little more around the house. Finally I just couldn't take it anymore. I decided that if I don't enjoy being here because I am overwhelmed by all that needs to be done & if I am embarassed to have anyone drop by then it's probably time to do something about it.

I was a CLEANING MACHINE this weekend. I'm not completely done, but what I have done has made an enormous change in me and given me hope of getting things on track. My floors and base boards have scrubbed - I mean SCRUBBED - by hand even to make sure I got everything! My showers, tubs, sinks, & toilets have been sanitized. The carpet in our bedroom cleaned. Laundry done, no dirty dishes, countertops wiped down. Wow. I am really starting to feel so much better about it and not so overwhelmed. I threw away bags of stuff - some things probably should have been taken to the Goodwill or something, but I NEEDED to get rid of them and didn't want them sitting around waiting for the trip to the Goodwill.

I'm hoping to do more each night until Friday and plan on staying on top of the laundry too. It will be nice to be able to face this coming weekend knowing things are taken care of & I won't have to do anything but rest! : )