Sunday, November 22, 2009

Freezer Inventory

Today my daughter had a friend over to play. While they played I decided to empty out our small chest freezer in the basement and see just what we had. Since I had to take time off unpaid when I had surgery money will be tight for a few weeks - so I wanted to see just what we had here that I could use up.

Here's what the freezer contained:

1 - spinach and mushroom pizza
1 - 4 cheese pizza
1 - pkg of chicken stir fry
2 - 1 quart bags of chicken enchilada (homemade)
2 - pork roasts
1 - ham steak
1 - whole chicken
11 - pkg of corn
2 - pkg of hot dogs
1 - pkg diced chicken meat
1 - pkg crinkle cut fries
1 - pkg bacon
3 - pkg of filet Mignon
1 - pkg mixed veggies
1 - pkg chicken tenders
1 - pkg beef sausages
2 - 1 pound pkgs of ground beef
1 bag of ice

I was thrilled to discover I had so much meat in the freezer - since that's one of the most expensive things to have to buy. I am planning on checking out the Angel Food website and possibly purchasing some of the packages offered there.

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