Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December already!

Amazing. Time goes faster and faster every year. Seems like we just had Christmas and now we're getting ready to do it all again!

April is home today sick. She started running a fever last night. Getting her to take medicine is ridiculous. She is accustomed to taking medicine for her allergies everyday so on one hand I think she should take it like it's no big deal, on the other hand I can see where she probably feels burnt out on taking medicine. Poor kid. Like pretty much every other mother it makes me feel bad when she's sick and I wish I could be the one sick in her place. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way.

We made a good dent in our Christmas shopping this past weekend. We didn't go out early on Black Friday but we did go out later in the afternoon - lucky for us there really weren't big crowds out then. I usually do go early in the morning on Black Friday but there really was nothing on sale that I really wanted or that I had on my list to get for others. Instead I shopped later in the day (which still had good sales) and took advantage of some store coupons to get good deals.

My brothers and I decided with spouses to do a name draw for gifts this year. This is the first time we've exchanged gifts for Christmas in probably 15 years (or more). No one has ever had the money before and quite honestly we don't really this year either. We did put a $20 limit on the gift and it has to be at least somewhat made by the giver, to make it more personal and actually put some thought into the gift.

I've really been feeling good lately. It seems the insomnia has either dissipated or is at least taking a break. Seem as though this may have been a side effect of either the hysterectomy or withdrawal from going off of all my medications. (Thank you, God!) There were a series of nights when I only averaged about 3 hours. One night of that is bad, two is almost unbearable, three starts to make you feel crazy. Trust me on this.

I'll hoping to put together a menu plan for the remainder of the week, and maybe I'll work on one for next week if I'm feeling ambitious. : )

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Miriam said...

So glad you're sleeping better! You're way ahead of me in the Christmas gift shopping, I've barely gotten started!