Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What's been going on....

Lately we’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to post anything here. It doesn’t seem even remotely possible that Christmas is next week already. This year I’ve done most of my shopping online. Next year I’ll probably do it all online if possible. The crowds and rude people make me cranky!

We are having a streak of bad luck lately it seems. Nothing major, just things that are a pain to have to deal but need to be done. Our furnace/thermostat is acting up at home and we aren’t having much luck in getting it fixed ourselves. I really hate having to pay someone $80+ to come look at it but as time goes on it seems that’s the route we’re going to have to take.

My car is also having a problem heating up. It gets warm enough that you can’t see your breath but takes forever to defrost and never gets truly warm. Luckily I work with a bunch of guys that know cars well and one of said he’d look at it today sometime. I’m hoping it’s an easy and cheap fix.

I have several projects I’d like to get done this weekend. One of them is getting some form of organization in my daughter’s room. It’s a pit! She has so much stuff and nowhere to really put anything. Our house is an older model and the closets are pretty small. I think maybe I need to invest in some under the bed storage.

This next week is going to be very busy – I’m almost dreading it! We have April’s school program, the church program, shopping to finish, groceries to get, presents to wrap, cleaning to do, etc. We decided on the gift for my husband’s female workers. I’ll have to take a picture and post it when I get them assembled!
Talk to you soon – promise!

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