Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Oh the Pain!

So today was my first day back to work in almost a week. By about 10:30 this morning I was one hurting unit. But being the trooper that I am I lasted the full at work. Of course upon getting in the door the first thing I did was grab my friend, the ice pack, and a some meds to help with the pain. (Don't worry, they are perfectly legal!)

Tomorrow my gorgeous husband returns from his trip north. Seems like he's been gone forever.

I can't even think tonight. Maybe it's the pill I took earlier.

Okay, so you want to know a great blog? Well besides mine of course - although I suppose I don't have enough posts to for you to know just how GREAT it's going to be. Anyway, go to http://www.grocerycartchallenge.blogspot.com/. It's very entertaining. And it really makes you want to try to be more frugal and see how you can cut back on grocery/household expenses.

Can't think anymore. Better just get to the tip of the day and move on! Drum roll please...... did you know that by storing your cottage cheese upside down you can prolong its shelf life by up to 4 MONTHS! Seriously, although honestly, I think I'd call it quits a couple weeks after the expiration date. If it takes you more than 4 months to eat a container of cottage cheese do you really think it's something you should buy?? I'm going with a "no" on that.

Signing off,

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Anonymous said...

I got the link to your site from a tagging friend. I enjoyed reading your posts and your tips. I've put you on google alert so I won't miss posts, I hope. Welcome to the blogging world!