Thursday, September 11, 2008

That's my man!

Have you ever gone somewhere, to a store for example, and seen your husband/boyfriend there unexpectedly? (And not in the "uh, oh" sense!) Well today that happened to me. I ran to a local McDonald's to pick up lunch for the people in the office. I decided to go inside because the line in the drive-thru was out of control. I tried calling my husband at work on the way in to see if he wanted me to pick up a sandwich for him and drop it off, but got his voice mail. I knew it was a couple minutes into his lunch hour so I didn't bother leaving a message figuring he already had something figured out. Anyway, as I walked into McD's I saw the familiar backside of my husband. It honestly made my heart skip a beat. I was kind of caught off-guard by it because we have been together for over 12 years (that includes 4 years of dating and 8 years of marriage, at the end of this month). I guess sometimes you forget or take for granted how someone can make you feel.

So in case anyone is wondering, we ended up having a frozen pizza for supper. : ) By the time I got home I really didn't feel like making anything.

Which reminds me of an email conversation I had earlier today with my friend, Angela. I was telling her how when I am at work I can think of tons of things around the house I want to do after work. Then by the time I walk through the door I forget everything or I simply don't feel like doing it. It would be perfect if everyone (or at least me) just worked part-time. Then I'd have 4-5 hours a day to do the things I've been thinking about every day since the beginning of time. I even tried the Flylady website, to organize. That didn't really work for me, maybe I need to try it again. I can tell you this, I hate to throw things away. I'm a pack rat. That's a big part of the problem. I just need someone to come in and start tossing stuff for me. I'd probably never miss half the items I've accumulated!

With the weekend coming up it has me thinking about sleeping in and having a nice breakfast of pancakes, something I really like but that I don't have time to make during the week. So my tip for today comes from a book titled "20,001 Kitchen Secrets". To make your pancakes fluffy and lightweight substitute club soda or seltzer for milk or water. I have not tried this, but I do plan on trying it this weekend. I may even throw in a few fresh blueberries! Yumm!


Miriam said...

For cleaning and getting rid of stuff: have a sister or really good friend come over and help you - believe me, you'll need to take a trip to the dump afterwards! My sisters are always too happy to help me declutter! I always think I have gotten rid of about everything I can, until they stop by or I'm on the phone with them while I'm looking at "junk".

That is so cool about meeting up with your husband over lunch!! My heart would do the same thing when Daniel would surprise me by stopping by my work if he was on the way past and had time, or on his way home from work if he got off before me.

And I just had the most amazing (pretent that's bold type) dinner!! I took pictures and plan to blog about it, maybe you can copy it or find some inspiration for your menus from it!!

Liz said...

I will definitely check out your blog tomorrow for the recipe. I left myself in a bind cause I didn't have anything planned or set out. I hate when I do that!

I wrote down the recipe for zucchini patties to try this weekend.

Anonymous said...

I know that feeling! I was picking up my DH at the airport (back in the days when you could go to the gate for that) and it was so funny that I could recognize just a bit of his walk way down the tunnel, when I couldn't see his whole body. Just made my heart sing. =) We've had 40 years in November. I still feel that way.

He makes terrific biscuits and sausage gravy, too. =) I'll ask him his secret.

Liz said...

I would love the recipe! Thank you!