Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Reward Chart

April is 6, well 6 going 16. She suddenly wants to be the boss and argue about everything. Where
did my little girl go and who is this person in her place???

It all started with one of those nights last night when the kid is VERY TIRED and you don't let them do anything simply because you "don't love" them or because "they hate you". Tonight she asked to go to a friend's house. The answer of course was "no" because of her behavior last night (actually it's been happening frequently, I think it's a testing thing to see what she can get away with). So tonight she proceeded to go into her room and cried about an hour about how mean we are to her. When she finally calmed down I went in and talked to her about how the behavior lately is unacceptable and that if it continues she will not be able to go to friends homes, rent movies, etc. I think "the talk" finally went somewhere and we talked about making a reward chart for her to earn things or outings. If anyone knows of a good link to download one or has any suggestions let me know!

Today's tip: One of our local stores has bone-in chicken breasts for $0.99/lb. They are the full breasts and end up being about $2.00 each. I ask for them to be wrapped one breast to a pack. I usually just throw them in the freezer. When it comes time to cook them I cut the meat off of the bone. There is usually quite a bit of meat still there. I will throw this into a freezer safe bag. I do this each time I take a breast out to use. After I have a few sets of bones from the breasts I will throw them in a pot of water and boil till the remaining meat comes off of the bones. Then remove the bones, add some chicken bouillon (per the directions on the packaging). Throw in some diced carrots, onion, and celery, maybe even some mushrooms if you have them on hand. When the veggies are tender add some noodles. Depending on how many veggies and noodles you add you will end up with either chicken and noodles or chicken noodle soup. It's especially yummy with some warm, fresh bread!