Friday, September 5, 2008

Tuna Salad

I absolutely love Fridays. Sometimes because it's Pay Day, always because it means I get 2 magnificent days to spend with my family with no set schedule. Aahhhhhhhh! I'm just basking in the glory of it!

Today, instead of writing a "Tip of the Day" I decided to add a fast, easy, and pretty cheap recipe. One of my family favorites and last minute "go-to" meals is Tuna Salad. Not as in tuna salad sandwiches, but the pasta version. I don't have a set recipe so the measurements will be minimal, mostly you can just add the ingredients to your taste. One thing that makes it incredibly easy for me is that when I make pasta for a recipe I always cook extra and set it aside for a quick cold pasta salad in the next day or two.

Cook pasta, usually about 16 oz, any shape is fine. Rinse with COLD water and drain really well, you may need to pat with paper towels to dry it off so the dressing sticks. The dressing is mayo and a bit of ranch to give it some zip. Mix the dressing and noodles well so that the noodles are well coated. Add 1-2 cans of drained tuna (you can substitute precooked chicken if you have some to use up). Then I thaw a couple handfuls of frozen peas and throw them in. Toss everything together. Add salt and pepper to taste. Voila! Dinner is served. If you make this salad in advance you may need to add additional mayo and ranch if salad seems to have dried out.

Signing off for today!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the idea about the ranch. We fix something similar with canned chicken, but I hadn't thought about the ranch.

Liz said...

The ranch just gives it a little extra creaminess and flavor without having to use a lot of salt, which makes me happy!