Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wireless Wonderland

Guess where I am sitting as I write this blog?? On the couch - no cords or wires around! I was so happy to find that when I tried to pull up the internet tonight everything seemed to be working wonderful. Thank you, God! I couldn't take another night like last night without seriously maiming someone!

I will begin a Creative Writing class at the local community college in less than 2 weeks. I am so looking forward to this class! There is nothing I love more than reading or writing. In the perfect world that would be how I'd make a living. I'd be some great author or an editor for a publisher. Ah...... That would amazing! While I may not get those dreams I can still work towards them. I am also hoping to attend a Writers Workshop in November. I've got big dreams. It's just the fulfilling them part that is difficult. How do people get into this field, anyway??

My daughter is perfectly crabby tonight. If I didn't know better I would think it possible that a demon has possessed her. Anyone know any priests that conduct exorcisms?

The weather the last few days has me looking forward to soups & stews, which I LOVE! I have rarely met a soup I didn't like & honestly could eat it every day of the week. This brings me to today's tip: When peeling carrots or onions, or cutting up celery make sure to save the peels, leaves, etc. to add to the soup pot to make a great stock. If you don't think you have enough then put them in the freezer in a container and add the peels & leaves over the course of a couple months and make your stock then. You can freeze the stock for later use if you don't want to use it right away.

Another idea for soups/stews: Keep a container in the freezer. Add any leftover veggies, potatoes, gravies, & meats till the container is full. Then pull this out and add to your stock or a can of broth. You will end up with a wonderful soup that won't set you back much, if any. The thing that makes this a great option is that often you have a few Tbsp of leftovers, not enough to keep for another meal and you don't have to feel guilty throwing any of it away!

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