Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gotta love Sundays....

I would have to say that I really enjoy Sundays. There's no rushing around and few plans for Sundays - other than the occasional family get-together. This particular Sunday my husband is out of town at his brother's place in Minnesota, which makes for a rather boring day for me.

So I have decided that maybe this blog will help me reach certain goals. That maybe I'll feel more of a sense of responsibility to reach those goals since the words are down for everyone to see. One of the goals I have is to be more patient. I am frequently quick to fly off the handle and get frustrated when things don't happen like I want. Another goal is to communicate better. I know, I know. I am a talker so this probably goal probably is confusing to many. I need to communicate better when it really matters. Sure, I can hold a conversation with anybody; but that's small talk. I tend to hold things inside and then get frustrated because people can't read my mind - so I need to communicate better even if it is sometimes uncomfortable. My third goal? To lose weight! Of course I had to throw that one in. I know I will never be that petite little thing I was when my husband and I started dating, but I also know she is hiding somewhere inside me and is dying to get out!!

Another thought.... I thought it would be rather fun, or maybe helpful would be a better word, to include a "Tip of the Day". SO........ Today's tip: Don't eat yellow snow. Just kidding!
Today's tip: At the end of your favorite tube of lipstick? Mix whatever lipstick you can scrape out with some petroleum jelly in a small container and microwave it till it's a bit runny. Remove from the microwave and mix it thoroughly. Voila! You have some gloss in your favorite color!