Friday, January 2, 2009

Where did she learn that?!?!

This evening April was a tad grouchy. She kept being bossy - which tends to be a huge problem. She told Layne and I that we were being naughty and that she was going to write our names on the wall. I said made a comment like "yeah go ahead and then you can go straight into your room and go to bed." Then I look over and see her with a PERMANENT MARKER writing on the wall!! I don't imagine that I have to tell you that she is in serious trouble. I already told her that if I can't get the marker off the wall in the dining room she will be paying for it with the money she has saved up in her change container.
This was not at all what I planned on posting for tonight. But I think I need to cool down a little more before I feel up to it!


Anonymous said...

Okay, from where I sit it's funny. One of these days, the humor will come to you, too. Maybe it already has. =) At least it wasn't black marker! And it did come off.

Liz said...

It is actually pretty funny. I'm glad I got a picture of it. Will be a good one to show her when she gets older and is telling people what a "good girl she was". :)