Sunday, January 18, 2009

Budget Update

Going into this weekend we had $42.90 remaining on our budget. I knew I was going to have to dip into that remaining amount because we needed milk - badly. I looked through Hy-vee's flyer to see if they had anything else I needed or just couldn't pass up. They did have some good cereal sales - which we didn't really need but I could load up cheaply.

I ended up getting:

2 gallons of milk @ $2.88 each
3 boxes of Multigrain Cheerios (my favorite!) for $1.00 each (after coupons)
1 box of Special K (vanilla almond) for $1.00 (after coupon)
1 box of Quaker Oats Simple Harvest for $1.50 (after coupon)

Our balance remaining for the month is $32.14.

Tip of the day: This is probably common sense but when using coupons use them only on things you would buy anyway. And when going to a store, if possible, look through the flyer(s) to plan your strategy. Match up the coupons with the sales to get the most out of your coupons and to maximize your savings.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love multigrain Cheerios! Sounds like you did really well for the week's shopping.

We don't live in one place any longer, traveling full time, so I don't get to use coupons the way I used to. Instead, I have to rely on sales in the local store. Here, the close-by Safeway has a meat clearance section where they put the meat expiring on that day. We have saved as much as 80% between the Safeway card and the last-day discount, and eaten much better because of it!

Liz said...

I haven't come across much for marked down meat, but since we've been getting the Angel Food packages we really haven't bought any meat from the store. The local Fareways do mark down produce and sometimes dairy on Saturdays. During the summer I can get a real haul cause they mark down so much more. (I suppose cause it doesn't last as long as during winter.)