Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Things we do to look good

Tonight I tanned for the first time in 3 years. I used to work at a tanning salon part time to help earn money to pay for our wedding. One perk was that you could tan before/after your shift for free and if you worked 5 times or more a month you could tan all month for free. Needless to say I had the most amazing tanned body - and I was thin. Oh how I miss that!!

Since I recently started getting on the treadmill I decided I should see how many minutes I still have on my account at the local salon so I can get a little thinner and a little tanner. Now I know that there is a lot of controversy about tanning beds. But I'm not going to debate that and I am asking that anyone who opposes it keep their opinions to themselves. I don't intend to be a tan bed worshipping person - I just want a little color. Besides tanned fat looks better that white fat. : )

Another thing I am trying to do is drink more water. I am terribly addicted to diet coke. It is my main source of caffeine - that said I typically drink 2-3 cans of soda a day.

Tip: I have had a problem with acne since I was in my early 20's. As you know the products are pretty spendy and adds up quickly. I was looking for more affordable, less chemical options. And came across this tip on using Witch Hazel for your facial astringent. It doesn't contain alcohol which is a great bonus because I hate how alcohol dries my skin out. If you page down till you come across to January 24, 2008. Gayle has got some great tips that are very affordable.


Miriam said...

Hi Liz :) Just wanted to let you know that I just gave you an award over on my blog :) I hope you're doing well!

Liz said...

Yay for me! Thanks, Miriam!