Sunday, January 11, 2009

Monthly Budget update

This weekend my husband did make a trip to the store. He bought 2 gallons of milk @ $2.65 each, a package of deli sliced ham for $3.96, and 2 6-paks of 24oz soda bottles for $2.50 each (also had to pay $0.60 for deposit).

$120.00 monthly budget - $61.90 spent so far (this includes the $51 for the Angel Food)
= $58.10 remaining.

The good news is that we have a well-stocked freezer and decently stocked cupboards. We also have Angel Food on the way. We do have 20 days remaining but I am feeling very inspired right now!

Todays tip: When you use the items you've canned up don't toss the lids! You can use the jars and lids to hold the contents of bags of rice, pasta, and assorted dried beans. It's easy to see what you have left and they jars are easier to stack and store than those bags! This is also a good use for the jars that have a chip out of the top and won't seal up properly anymore.

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