Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Great Deal at Walgreens

After work tonight I stopped by Walgreens to pick up a prescription. When I walked in the door my eyes were automatically drawn to sign that said "Pepsi Products 12-packs 7/$11 (after register rewards)". Now, they were in the ad Sunday at 5/$10. I knew that we could use the caffeine at home (we're not big coffee drinkers). So I grabbed a cart and purchased my 7 12-packs. After deposit my total was around $25, but I did get a $10 certificate to use before the end of the month. I took my haul out to the car and then turned around and marched back in, since soda was not what I came to Walgreens for. So I used my $10 certificate for some feminine products and facial astringent. I also had to pick up a prescription was $10, but I still had $8.59 on a gift card from a couple months ago.

My total amount spent: $28.35
Products purchased: 7 12-packs of sodas, 2 packages of femine products, 1 very large bottle of witch hazel, and my prescription. Not too bad!

By the way, the soda works out to be about $0.18 each. : )


Anonymous said...

You pay a deposit on soda cans? Interesting. You have a mail-in rebate, or was the certificate the rebate?

Liz said...

They gave me what basically amounted to a coupon to use off a future purchase. It was just a piece of paper that automatically prints out. It was nice cause there was nothing to send in!

I think they charge us deposit in an effort to get more people to recycle. We really should save our cans and redeem them but it's so much easier to throw them in the recycle bin and be done with it. I would have to go out of my way to redeem them, which we used to do, but we never got more than a dollar or two back. And we'd spend that in gas just to redeem them!