Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Weekly Menu

This weeks menu was worked out last night while I was actually cooking Monday's supper. This weeks menu is very easy and I threw it together in about 5 minutes - after looking in the freezer. Pretty much everything on the menu - except for the lettuce and the buns were items we already had on hand - most of it taking up room in our freezer. : )

Monday - chicken chunks & homemade sweet potato chips
Tuesday - chicken patty on a bun, peas, lettuce salad
Wednesday - hamburgers on a bun, corn, lettuce salad
Thursday - cod nuggets, green beans, lettuce salad
Friday - chicken fajitas, tortilla chips & salsa
Saturday - Asian chicken salads

I did have to dip into the remainder of our budget to pick up the buns ($0.88 on sale) and lettuce ($0.59 on sale and with a coupon). I also splurged on my favorite dressing to make the Asian chicken salads - it's on the shelf and is made by Marzetti's, it's called Oriental Sesame and it is AWESOME! The dressing was $2.19. So my remaining balance for this month is $15.32. Woohoo! I've still got many left and only 3-4 days together.

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