Monday, June 1, 2009

Hair Or Lack Of

Okay, I think I am losing my hair. I’m not joking. Every morning in the shower I end up with almost a HANDFUL of hair in the drain. I do have new growth that is coming in – so it’s not like I have bald patches.

I have to be honest – this scares me. A lot. More than it should to be honest. I mean it is just hair. It’s kind of funny how hair, something that grows constantly, becomes a part of US. Our hair is a symbol of us, it represents us & causes us to make judgment of others.

It’s just hair…. It’s just hair….It’s just hair….

Maybe I should get some bandanas just in case…

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Janelle said...

My suggestion would be to have your thyroid checked. My thyroid is inactive, and I'm on medication. Whenever my meds get out of whack (this happens frequently), I can tell by the significant hair loss. I then have to get my medication adjusted. Do get it done - I used to have thick, wonderful hair. I let it go too long before getting it checked and it's much thinner now. :(