Thursday, June 25, 2009

Most Recent Embarassing Moment

First I must warn you that this post is a big yucky & graphic. Consider yourself warned & proceed with caution…..

Right now it is “that" time of the month. Which for me is notoriously heavy & laden with clots. (See pretty gross.) Anyway, where I work we have “shared” bathrooms – we are a very small office. So I go in & use the restroom & the TOILET WON”T FLUSH!!! I didn’t have a bm (thank heavens) but it looks like someone had a miscarriage in the toilet cause there is so much blood…. Oh mercy……..Of course something like this WOULD happen to me.


Miriam said...

Oh me, I think I would've died. I hope everything got fixed without too much embarrasment.

Liz said...

Lucky for me I ended being the next person to go back in there about an hour later. All that worry & embarrassment for nothing!!