Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Holy Smokes How Did That Happen???

06/15/09 HY VEE 1610 $30.79

06/15/09 HY VEE 1610 $40.36

06/12/09 HY VEE 1610 $50.99

06/12/09 HY VEE 1610 $60.79

I checked our bank statement online last night and saw the above purchases totaling $182.93 and about passed out. I don’t remember us ever spending that hardly in an entire month, let alone in a matter of 3 days!!

I attribute it to not having a menu made out. It’s hard to make a menu when nothing sounds good. So last week we made a lot of spontaneous recipes which required trips to the store. Of course if I didn’t have a list to follow either, so I’d up things that looked good. And in all fairness I did get $20 cash back on 2 of the transactions.
After seeing that I told Layne that we HAVE to make up menus together to avoid having this happen again. Tonight we are making Vietnamese Pork Rolls - mainly because we have all the ingredients & the recipe looks pretty easy.

I talk a lot about menu planning & I really do have good intentions. I guess I need inspiration & ideas. I don't know if any of you read Miriam's comment last week on Menu Planning. But she gave a great website to check out. It's I have dabbled in it a little bit & think it could be very useful if a person kept it updated with the ingredients they have on hand. I'm going to put my info in this weekend and use it to plan my menu for next week.

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