Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Setting Goals

I have decided that I need to write my goals down so they are on visible and I am giving some ownership to them. Here they are in random order.

1. Work on being more patient. This goal is so important because I often find myself freaking out about things that are really trivial and in the big scheme of things really probably don’t even matter.

2. I want to be fit and healthy. There are several “little” goals within this one.
a. I want to run a relay.
b. I want to have defined abs and arms. These are trouble spots for me and I am determined that one day I will LOVE my abs and arms!
c. I want to be a healthy weight and feel good about myself.

3. I want to get an associates degree in “General Studies”. But first I need to come up with money to take a class this fall. : ) It would put me one step closer….

4. Be more spontaneous. This goal will probably be the hardest for me. I am not spontaneous at all. It stresses me out when plans change at the last minute. I actually turn down lunches with friends (when I have no plans) because I didn’t plan on going with them for lunch.

5. Write in a notebook day; subject doesn’t necessarily matter. Whether it be a paragraph or several pages; just to practice.


dannielo said...

If you'd like a tool for setting your goals, you can use this web application:

You can use it to manage your goals, projects and tasks, set next actions and contexts, use checklists, schedules and a calendar.
A Vision Wall (inspiring images attached to yor goals) is available too.
Works also on mobile.

Liz said...

Thank you! I will check it out!