Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekly Menu

Gosh, it's been weeks I think since I have posted a menu. I really haven't planned any menus out & because of that dinner times around here have been somewhat chaotic. In an effort to get back to an organized dinner time I am back to menu planning. I am still following the diet the doctor had suggested.

Monday - green salad with steak cubes & balsamic vinegar with olive oil

Tuesday - turkey kielbasa with sauteed zucchini (I got the Hillshire Farms turkey kielbasa on markdown for $1 each, I picked up 3 of them. Probably should have gotten more!)

Wednesday -pork loin with green chilies (crock-pot) and corn tortillas

Thursday - pizza (for April & her friends), deli meats & cheeses for Layne & I

Friday - not sure, my husband's brother will be in town so it's kind of up in the air

So there it is.

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