Saturday, April 18, 2009

Canceling Netzero - What a pain!!!

Before we had DSL we had our internet service through Netzero. Once we got DSL I called Netzero to cancel & they talked me into keeping access to the account so I could still receive/send emails from that account. I did it simply because I hadn't transferred email addresses over to our new account. For several months I have been charged a $4.95 fee to still have this account. I finally called them to completely cancel the account (which I acknowledge I should have done quite some time ago). Talk about a draining process! It was very hard to understand the guy and he trying to talk me into keeping the account and/or getting antivirus protection from them. I honestly couldn't tell you how many times I said "no, I just want the account cancelled". Then he offered me to keep the account free of charge for a couple months. I told him "no, because I really don't want to have to call again". After about 15 minutes he finally said "okay I have cancelled your account will see no further charges. The last charge to the account was on April 16th". Whew!!


Elizabeth said...

We had the same thing when canceling. They have an amazing cancellation department lol. Vonage does too. We still can't convince them we want to cancel!

Anonymous said...

I'm also considering getting DSL, and my current ISP is also NetZero. I had a problem similar to yours early this year. My wife cancelled her medical insurance at the end of last year. Regular billing stopped as expected, but she continued to receive unsubstantiated charges to the account, which the company acknowledged were made mistakenly. I challenged the charges and notified our credit-card company that the account had been cancelled and that we would accept no further bills from that company. End of problem.

Liz said...

Seems like companies will try and drag things out just to try getting scamming people out of money. It's really terrible cause people are usually canceling service because they need the money and then to keep billing them? Ridiculous!