Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Coupons & Simpler Times

This weekend at the hotel we received free newspapers. Even on Sunday we received the edition with the coupons, ads, etc. I love Sunday papers, and especially love them when they are free. I decided a couple things. 1. People who live up by the Twin Cities get far more and better coupons than I do. 2. I’m paying far too much for the crummy small city paper I get with hardly any coupons in it.

Currently our newspaper typically has one little section of coupons on Sundays (the Smart Source section) and usually that is more of the product order forms than it is even coupons. As we drove home Sunday I clipped coupons. By the time we reached our house & took a little nap I was energized to go on a shopping expedition. And it was much needed since I didn’t get any groceries for more than a week before we left. : )

Here is a summary of my shopping trip:

Total spent before coupons: $59.85
Coupon total: $11.64
After coupons: $48.21

Admittedly I bought Easter Lilies for $8.98 (plus tax) that I didn’t need. But I really wanted this. I love the smell of Easter Lilies. They remind me of my Grandma Donna. She had perfume in her bathroom called Lily of the Valley. It was one of the things that I somehow got after she died of cancer about 14 years ago. I kept it in my bathroom. When we moved into our house about 10 years ago I would go upstairs when I was missing her and give a spray of the perfume. It was a comfort thing and made me feel close to her.

Isn’t it funny how certain smells take us to another place in time. Easter was always a huge thing for our family. My grandparents would come back from their winter home in Texas in time for Easter. It was usually the first big family get together (with many to follow) for the year. Grandpa & Grandma would hide tons of plastic eggs with money around their home & yard for all of us grandkids. There would usually be 1 special egg per child that held a $5 or $10 bill and then the rest was us for grabs. We could each get a certain number. The younger kids got to look for theirs first. It was great. There was tons of food and tons of laughs. We’d be at their home from the time church got out till it was dark outside. (sigh)

What I wouldn’t give to relive that for just a few minutes. Back then life wasn’t complicated. Kids could run around outside – and even chose to. Life didn’t revolve around the TV, computer, or video games. Families talked and enjoyed being together.

Makes me wonder, where did the world to wrong???

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