Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Affordable exercise

One thing I’ve noticed about trying to weight is that I find myself attracted to all kinds of machines & tools that are designed for exercise. A person could literally spend hundreds of dollars on equipment. I don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend, and I don’t have room to store all kinds of equipment. We do have a treadmill (that was given to us), a Crossbow (like a Bowflex only cheaper), and some dumbbells. I haven’t actually incorporated the Crossbow into my exercise routine, but I do plan on it at some point.

Fullfitness.net is a site that shows you exercises you can do to target specific areas. Some of the exercises even have video examples of how to do a specific exercise. This website offers free information and step-by-step instructions. The equipment shown is pretty basic, a ball and a mat are really the main pieces shown.

If you don’t have hand weights you can always use canned goods for weights. Seriously!

Another tip I read was that you should like the clothing you wear to exercise. That you will exercise more if you are wearing something that you like and you think looks good. I suppose that does make sense. But I would have a hard time justifying buying new clothes to workout in!
I do want to get a ball at some point. I think it would work great for crunches. Maybe then my back wouldn’t be so sore!! :)

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