Sunday, February 1, 2009

Saturday's Bargains

Saturday evening I headed to our local Hy-vee. It was just a few minutes before 8pm; and yes, the time was part of my strategy. I knew I only had $15.32 remaining for the month of January and I knew that I wanted to pick up on some deli meat (1/2 price after 8pm) and some Dannon kids yogurt drinks (I can never think of the name of these things) that were on sale 2/$3.

See, the great thing about going at that time, besides the 1/2 price deli meat, is that there is almost no one there. You can take your time and actually compare prices without feeling rushed or crowded. Here are is my purchase:

1 lb of Sara Lee premium roast beef (usually $6.50 a pound, 1/2 price): $3.25 total
.75 lb of Delusso Genoa Salami (usually $6.00 a pound, 1/2 price): $2.21 total
2 packages of the Dannon smoothies: $3.00 total
3 boxes of Fiber One cereal bars: $8.00 total before coupons, $5.00 after coupons
1 box of Fiber One toaster pastries: FREE with the purchase of 3 boxes of bars

Total purchase: $13.46

Month of January: Under budget by $1.86!!!

Wish me luck in February!

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Miriam said...

Yay, yay, YAY!! That is so cool how you were able to get all that and come in under your budget for the month!! I'm excited to see what you do in February :)