Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Happenings

Friday I left my cell phone at work. Boy did I feel strange without it at first, but honestly it was kind of nice not having it. Not that I get lots of calls anyways! April also stayed overnight at my mom's house that night. Which meant my husband and I could spend a whole night full of passion together. As if that really happened!! In all truthfulness I spent a good part of the night cleaning April's room and dusting it. Yes I know April is old enough to do it herself, and on rare occasions she will. But I want it thoroughly cleaned because I could tell her allergies had been bothering her and thought a thorough cleaning would help out.

Saturday we did a whole lot of nothing, other than sitting and looking at each other. Which was actually kind of nice. We spend so much time on the go and with both Layne and I working full-time outside the home that it's nice to just sit here and spend time as a family. We decided that on Sunday we would go see Coraline in 3-D at the theatre so we would go to the early service at church.

Sunday April came up to our bed around 5:30. At 6 she woke me up saying "It's 6:00 mom. It's time to get up." Okay, that would be a great gesture if I didn't have my alarm set for 6:30. So twice more I had to go through her waking me up to tell me the current time. On the way to church I told her that since I have an alarm clock for what time we need to get up I don't need her to wake me up every 10-15 minutes to give me an update on the time. : )

Church was great - although I do like the contemporary late service better. After church we went to my mom's house so I could use her printer. Back in December I had bought some make-up through E.L.F. online (Eyes, Lips, Face) and they had sent me a code to get a free movie pass which would actually work for our local theatre. Since we were wanting to go to the movie I thought I'd use that pass towards this movie. So I got online to use get the movie pass, except that when I went to check out and entered the code they had sent me an error popped up that it had already been used. So I couldn't get my free movie pass. Which was very disappointing.

When we got to the theatre to buy our movie passes it was $9.50 per ticket because of the additional charge for 3-D glasses. I told the gal there that we didn't need glasses because we had some (from when my mom took April to Nightmare Before Christmas). She said that it didn't matter because they can't discount even if we don't need them. Which is a crock. It would have saved us $2.50 per ticket for the glasses. First no free movie pass, then an extra charge for glasses when we didn't need any. It certainly was not working out to be an affordable outing! But the movie was really cute and 3-D was kind of neat, but not worth the extra $.


Miriam said...

What a bummer on the movie thing. Don't you hate it when one thing just adds to another??

Liz said...

I think the thing that upset me the most is that movies are SO expensive to go to anyway. It's a rare treat for us to be able to go and I was hoping not to break the bank!! So much for that!!