Thursday, February 26, 2009

February Budget

Boy am I close to my budget. I had $5.58 remaining for our February budget. We did have to buy milk and luckily the price of milk has gone down considerably. I picked up 2 gallons of milk to get us through this week for $2.29 each. Our new remaining balance is $1 even. As of right now we do not need to buy anything and shouldn't have to through the weekend. On Saturday I will have to go pick up the Angel Food we ordered for this month. I will pay for my March order and deduct that from my March budget. Right now I'm not sure what I will get for my order.

One great deal that I came across this month and somehow forgot to blog about was a fantastic deal on whole chickens. On Friday the 13th our local Hy-vee had whole chickens for $0.59 a pound!!! I haven't seen it that cheap in over a year. I picked up 5 of them before I even went to work. When I got off work I brought them home to put in the freezer. I was truly hoping to have more room in the freezer so I could go buy more (there was no limit) but I could only fit 4 of them into the freezer. So we left one out and smoked it for supper that Sunday. It's not very often that a deal that great comes along it seems.

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