Monday, May 18, 2009

Upstairs Freezer Inventory

Okay, I took inventory of the food we have in the freezer (above the fridge style) in our kitchen. Here is what I have:

1 - lemonade concentrate
1 - apple cranberry concentrate
1 - orange juice concentrate
1 - 5 alive daquiri concentrate
1 - original margarita concentrate
1/2 - bag frozen bluberries
3/4 - bag tropical fruit
1 - bag green peas
1/4 - bag corn
1 - bag spinach
1 - bag crinkle cut carrots
2 - bags green beans
2 - 1 qt bags morel mushrooms*
2 - 1 cup freezer containers pinto beans (homemade)
3 - 1 cup freezer containers of chili (homemade)
3 - 1 lb rolls pork sausage
2 - 1 lb rolls turkey burger
1 - 1 lb roll of 85/15 burger
2 - ham hocks
1 - pkg low sodium sausage links
1 - pkg Johnsonville sausage patties
4 - ribeye steaks
4 - sirloin strip steaks
1/4 - bag cod nuggets
1/2 - bag chicken bites
3 - pkgs Nathan's beef franks (got these on clearance for $1 per pkg!!)
2 - turkey kielbasa rings (got these on clearance for $1 per pkg!!)
1 - pkg of 6 Hillshire Farm smoked sausages (got these on clearance for $1)
1 - 1 lb pkg stew meat
4 - lemon herb chicken breasts
1 - 4 oz tilapia filet w/ lemon herb sauce
1 - 4 oz salmon filet w/ teriyaki sauce
1 - 5 lb bag of seasoned chicken breasts
1 - 1 lb pkg of ham
1 - On-Cor Saulsbury Steak entree
1 - Kashi Lemongrass Coconut Chicken entree
1 - loaf white bread
2 - loaves multigrain bread
3 - egg & sausage Toaster Strudels (3 strudels, not boxes) : )
1 - pkg Schwan's Apple Bites
5 - Z*bop single serve cookies 'n cream treats
1 - box original bagelfuls
1 - box of Kashi waffles

1 - pint pistachio ice cream
1/4 - lb of ground espresso

There was also a 1 lb pkg of ham in the freezer but I decided to defrost that for lunches.

* We picked the morel mushrooms last weekend with my brother & sister-in-law. Here is a picture if you don't know what they look like. My husband found this one the day before when he went with one of his friends from work.


Heather said...

Mmmm...Bagelfuls. I love them! Have you ever tried the cherry ones? They're my favorite! If you buy them with a coupon, they're a really cheap breakfast, and has $1.00 off coupons this week. Just thought I'd mention it.

Anyway, I'm so nerdy, I like to read other people's pantry/freezer lists. Are you thinking of doing a pantry challenge, or are you just getting organized?

Liz said...

Just trying to get organized & use up what we have to avoid waste or buying something we already have.
I actually haven't even tried the bagelfuls - not part of the diet plan :( - and I'm scared if I try them I'll want one every day!!
Another reason I made the list is because I LOVE lists. I know it's weird. I love to make lists - even though a lot of times they don't really amount to much. I'm obsessed with them. If I make a suggestion or comment about something my husband will always say "better make a list for it". I wonder if there is a support group for that?!?!?

Heather said...

I love lists too! They make me feel better if I have a lot to do. It's calming to just get it all down on paper. Sometimes I even put stuff down that I've already done, just so I can have the satisfaction of crossing it off. I'm THAT dorky!