Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Here I am!

I’m still here!! Sometimes the day just goes by so fast & before I realize it I haven’t blogged for several days!

We had a busy weekend. Saturday we had my niece’s baptism out of town. Layne and I drove down and back the same day. April stayed overnight and rode back with my dad on Sunday. It was a pretty nice time. Seems like when we are all together the time passes so quickly. I was able to sneak away to do a little shopping with my sisters-in-law. I only picked up a couple t-shirts and a pair of drawstring capris. I’m in between sized right now so I don’t want to buy anything unless I can wear it even when I get down to “fighting weight” (120 lbs).

Speaking of weight, I weighed in at 140 this morning. That makes my loss 18 pounds so far. The last week or two I haven’t lost much. But I have been making more of an effort to hit the treadmill. It always feels good afterwards, but getting on is the hard part!

I’m really starting to feel good about the way I look. People are starting to notice the weight loss and are complimenting me, which of course makes me feel great and reinforces the positive changes I have made.
By the way, here is a coupon for a free 2-piece grilled chicken dinner from KFC. It’s only valid till May 19th though!! http://www.unthinkfc.com/

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