Monday, May 11, 2009

Affordable summer outings

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what activities we can do this summer. Like most people we are trying to be careful of our expenses, so I have been trying to come up with ideas that are free or have very little cost associated with them.

One great way to get an idea of the things going on in your area is to request a “Visitors Guide” for either a nearby city or for the entire state. You’ll probably be amazed by all the free/cheap events taking place in your area! I the city where we live there is “Movie in the Park” every Saturday night through the summer. The movie is always a family movie. You bring your own lawn chairs, snacks, etc. It’s a great outing and it’s free!

A great way to save money on meals and entry fees to various places is to buy an “Entertainment Guide”. A good portion of the coupons are for stores that have locations nationwide.
Camping is another activity that we love. Although honestly someone ends up sick every time. Either April gets bit by a bug and has to be taken to the doctor (she has very bad reactions to gnat, spider, & mosquito bites). Or I end up with a migraine & the trots. But we really do love the thought of camping and we do give it our best!

What does your family like to go during the summer that is budget friendly???

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Liz said...

You know, Miriam, I never even thought about that!! I should be having that TOM next week. I really hope that's all it is!! Thanks for giving me hope!