Thursday, May 28, 2009

Unemployment & Job Loss

I just found out today that my previous employer is laying off people at all their branches. I also found out that the gal that took over my job as the HR Manager at one of the branches was let go in this downsizing effort. Let me back up a little so you know the whole story (the very condensed version anyway).

At the end of September 2004 I was let go (along with my entire department) from a Fortune 500 computer company where I had worked for 9+ years. It wasn’t a big surprise to be honest. In February 2005 I started working as an administrative assistant at a company that manufactures hydraulic pumps & motors. After about a year I was promoted to HR Manager. In 2007 things started to feel tense at the company. I could recognize that it was having financial problems because of calls that we were getting from vendors inquiring when invoices would be paid. There were meetings behind closed doors. There were all the telltale signs of problems. In July 2007 there was a branch meeting & we were all told they were closing the plant. I guess since I had been through it before it didn’t really bother me – other than the medical insurance thing (cause we had insurance through me).

I sent my resume out to a few places and was interviewed at 3 of them. I was offered a job by 2 of the companies I interviewed with. I took the job that FELT right, not the one that paid the most.

I know in these times it’s hard for everyone financially. People are losing their jobs & struggling. I just thank God that I have always ‘been luck’ and found jobs rather quickly. You always hear people say (once they find another job) that they something about the new job is better than the old. Maybe it’s the hours, maybe it’s the benefits, or maybe it’s the pay. I have always been blessed to find something better in some aspect than what I had before.

What attracted me to this job? When I interviewed I felt very comfortable with the people who were interviewing me. The company felt very “family oriented”, which was very important to me. And my gut instinct was right. Anytime I’ve gotten a call that April was sick & needed picked up it was no big deal to leave for the day. That to me is far more important than money.
Personally I don’t want a high stress job. I’ve been there & done that. It doesn’t work for me. Life is too short to fret about work! (I know that is easy to say since I have a job.)

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cheapbychoice said...

Unfortunately, unemployment and layoffs are becoming more and more frequent. My husband recently started a new job after being layed off. He says the same thing, "this is the best job."