Monday, March 16, 2009

March's food budget and weight update

This month is not going to be good on the budget. Last week I spent $45 of my monthly $120 allotment. This weekend I ordered the regular Angel Food box and the produce box, which was $52. So I now have $23 remaining (eek!!). Hopefully I won't have to buy much, other than milk to get us through the remainder of this month. We still have 2 weeks left of the month. I know we won't have to buy meat, eggs, or cereal.

So far I have lost 7 pounds!! That is definitely very motivational for me. I'm starting to feel a difference in the way some of my clothes fit and how I feel overall. I have a little more energy and am able to stay up a little later at night. I've been working on limiting the diet coke as well and have been drinking mostly water, which I am actually starting to prefer.

Here's a tip: To get myself to drink more water I actually prefer it to be room temperature. I notice that I tend to drink it more quickly than I do if it's cold.


Michelle said...

Because Baker's has the loyalty card I am able to download e-coupons from, and the p & g esaver...and then yes, I can combine a paper coupon with that. Not able to do that at Hy-Vee but I believe they do let you combo a store coupon with a manufacturers coupon. haven't tried that one yet!

Miriam said...

Me, too, on the water! I mean, there's still sometimes I just want a "tall, cold one", but usually I fill a glass, take a swallow or two, then leave the rest. Come back later, glug down the rest of the glass and refill it for next time.