Monday, March 9, 2009

Expensive Grocery Shopping & Short Fuses

So. I made my first shopping spree since the doc put me on this "diet". I thought I'd hit the store after 8pm since that is when they mark down all the deli meat by 50%. Unfortunately for some reason when I got there (around 8:10) they hadn't marked down any of it. They will also usually announce the markdown over the loud speaker, that didn't happen the entire time I was there. So I ended up spending $45 on groceries. I did get quite a bit, but the disappointment of no markdowns is hampering the experience.

I don't know how this change in "diet" will effect the menu overall. I fully expected to spend quite a bit this time and do feel pretty confident in the choices I will have to eat. I know that I was already needing a little variety in the foods I was eating. I'm hoping to check out some websites tomorrow for some recipes to try out.

When I got home from shopping I was carrying the bags into the house. I try to use reusable bags and I had 2 of those & 2 plastic bags. Of course they packed the reusable bags so heavy that I could barely carry them. But I was determined to get them in one trip and not have to go back out to the car. When I got to the door I lightly kicked it so Layne or April would open the door and help me. Layne did come and open the door. Then he WATCHED me waddle with the bags like some kind of pack mule into the kitchen and set them on the floor. Then I started to put the stuff from the bags away......while he WATCHED. I was getting really angry. I mumbled something about "that's fine just stand there and I'll do everything". He asked what and I told him nothing. I need to remember that men aren't always as smart as women and that unlike women they don't always offer to help when a person looks like they may need it. : )

Okay, that's my little childish dig. I feel so much better already!

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:) Been there, done that.