Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bad Moods

Today I was in a foul mood. I think part of it was a lack of sleep. Last night I had my sleep test at the hospital and had a hard time sleeping. Every time I'd start to fall asleep my body would jerk and wake me up. This morning when I left the hospital around 6:15 I really wanted to come home and go straight to bed, instead I had to jump in the shower to get ready to go to work. I'll be picking gunk out of my hair for the several days from where they had the wires stuck to my head.

I think another part of it is hormones. I'll be getting my "visitor" any day now.

Regardless, I hate being moody. I am a person that loves to laugh and I truly believe it takes more energy to grouchy and angry. That said - after all the energy I've spent being moody I am very exhausted!

I think I will go lay down with my 6-year old and have her read me bible stories for the a while.

I'll come back tomorrow - when I'm hopefully in a MUCH better mood. : )

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