Monday, December 29, 2008

Where's the Television?

Okay, so you remember how I mentioned in a blog a couple weeks ago that we were getting a new TV? Well, we were supposed to have received it on December 23rd - but we still have nothing. I called the store and was told they have a shipment coming in tomorrow but are releasing them to the people that ordered first - which I completely agree with. When I asked about how many were expected to come in and what number "in line" we were I was told by the gal that she doesn't know anything - only the owner has that information. I understand backorders happen, I also understand that the weather doesn't always cooperate. I guess I'm just irritated. Last week - if we had gotten it on schedule - my husband was off work and could have picked it up (because they charge $60 for delivery!!! We live about 5 miles from the store - go figure!) If it comes in tomorrow we have a dilemma because my husband works long hours and probably won't get off till the store is closed for most of the week. That means we have to try to go over the weekend to pick it up. I think - that if the store values its customers - it should deliver the TV for free. I actually think I will suggest that. Okay, I am done ranting now. : )

It's so hard to believe we are coming up on 2009 now. Where does the time go? Every year I come up with resolutions that I can't or don't keep. This year my resolution is to not collect any more clutter. That one is probably more do-able. This past weekend Layne and I started cleaning out our closet. We got rid of 4 garbage bags (and not even the small kitchen ones - we are talking the big 33 gallon black ones!) of stuff. And you know what it doesn't even look like we've done anything in there!! We have a really big closet and the plan is to get it cleaned out and then I can set-up an area to scrapbook in there. That would free up our spare room to actually make into a room instead of our catch-all area that has my scrapbooking supplies spread all over in it.

I don't have a tip for right now. Mostly just wanted to drop in and say hi. I will try to remember to post a link to another blog that I came across that has fantastic coupon links tomorrow when I post.

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