Monday, December 22, 2008

Guess who's getting a new TV???

That's right, we are!! A 52" flat panel LCD television. Actually I am only excited because my husband is excited. He's wanted a new TV for longer than I can remember. I'm really indifferent about it for myself. The TV we have now is 30-some inches and is a huge contraption. It's almost 13 years old and still works great so we'll just move it into another room for those occasions when football is on and I feel like watching something that makes sense to me. : )

Can you believe that it is less than 3 days till Christmas? How does it sneak up so quickly on us? Thankfully we are done with our Christmas shopping - well pretty much done. We do have to go pick up a few groceries, by I'm designating my husband to go do that since he has this week off from work. See how nice I am?!?!

For Christmas Eve at my in-laws house I am bringing a vegetable pizza & cheese ball. The vegetable pizza recipe I got here. The cheese ball is a made up recipe containing cream cheese, dried beef, green olives, pineapple, and green onion. For Christmas day at their house I am taking a veggie and dip tray & a broccoli salad. The dip will be store bought. For Christmas with my family I am making some crock-pot augratin potatoes.

Today's tip: When holidays are coming make it easy on yourself, bring dishes that contain many of the same ingredients. A few of the dishes (veggie pizza, veggie tray, & broccoli salad) require many of the same items. I can buy the veggies and use them in multiple dishes. Broccoli is the only item I will have to buy more than 1 of. For the pizza I am replacing the tomatoes with radishes, because they last longer and because I can use the radishes on the veggie tray also.

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