Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Cards

Pretty much anyone who is a grandparent expects to get a picture of their grandchildren for one of their Christmas presents. Well last week I was looking for the envelope that contained April's picture cd that I had ordered so that I could print what I needed for relatives and Christmas cards. I finally located the folder, but unfortunately there was no cd in it! When we got the envelope I had opened it and saw the proof of April with the reorder information on it but failed to check the entire contents. So imagine my moment of panic, I mean surprise, when I have no CD and no copyright release to have the pictures printed. I promptly contacted the customer service line with the check number that I wrote, the date it cleared, the package I ordered, etc because I was anticipating having to argue to get a back-up. God must have known I was in no mood because I got the most helpful and pleasant gal on the phone who said they would send me out a new cd and a new copyright release at no charge, they didn't even charge me postage. I still have no idea where the originals went, I only saw one envelope come home from school. Today when I got home from work the replacement cd and copyright release were waiting for me! Now I just need to make out the Christmas cards.

I can't believe Christmas is less than 2 weeks away. I have so much to do yet!! I do have a couple pairs of barrettes made. But still have to finish the other 3 pairs, make a tutu, and crochet a Christmas blanket - all for April. Oh - and I can't forget to make Christmas cookies!

Today's tip: Want a cool idea for Christmas tags? Instead of writing the persons name on them cut out pictures of them from extra pictures you have laying around the house. You know you have tons of pictures that are piled somewhere that you HAD to get doubles of or printed off and then never used. If you scrapbook you can get really creative and use a shape maker to cut the picture out and then put some adhesive on it and stick it to a slightly larger piece of cardstock. Ta da! A personalized tag without having to spend any money!

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Anonymous said...

And if you don't write your name on it, you can recycle it into an ATC for them. =)

Love the pic of April. That will make a nice Christmas card.