Thursday, October 1, 2009

Working out and having a clothing shortage!

Last week I was doing some research on work out videos to find something to kick my workout up and help get over this plateau. I came across ‘The 30-day Shred’ on Amazon with had over 1,400 reviews and an average rating of 4.5. I decided this was the one to try. I went ahead and ordered it and it arrived on Monday. Last night I finally had a chance to try it out. It appears as though there are 3 levels (beginner, advanced, really advanced). Each workout lasts 20 minutes. Let me tell you – this was an intense workout. I’ve been exercising pretty regularly the last several months and I really had to push myself to do the Level 1 workout. After the workout I was shaky. Wow it was intense – and I can’t wait to do it again tonight. (Does that make me sick??) I’m feeling it today (I didn’t realize that I have muscles in my armpits!!).

Anyway, my treadmill is ready for the dump. I really need a new one and have been trying to find a good used one. (Wish me luck with that!) Sunday night I jogged home from my in-laws’ home. It was wonderful being outside and able to just run at my own pace. I worry about winter coming up and not having a treadmill. I know that my days of being able to take advantage of running outdoors are probably somewhat limited. So a replacement treadmill is a definite must-have.

Another must-have is some clothes. Last winter (before the doc told me to lose weight) I cleaned my closet and decided to part with my “skinny” clothes because I had come to terms with being chubby and not ever being able to wear them again. Fast-forward to today. I’m 35+ pounds lighter than I was then. I have splurged and purchased 3 pairs of new jeans and 1 pair of black slacks for church. The dresses, sweaters, & tops I had are looking ridiculous on me. The arms hang past my fingertips and I basically look silly. But I feel good and I think I look pretty good – so I guess I can deal with it for a while!

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