Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Who scored big on weenies today??

I did! I ran to our local Hy-vee tonight because I realized I didn't have any tomato sauce for our chili tomorrow. While there I decided to check and see if they had anything in their "reduced for quick sale" area. I snagged 1 package of Nathan's hot dogs and 4 packages of Wimmer's (aka 'red snap weiners') - they were all marked down to $1 a package! They are usually $3.49 (at least) per package here. So I was able to get 5 packages of weenies for less than I would normally spend for 2. We LOVE Nathan's & Wimmer's but don't get them often because we don't want to cough up the extra dough. : )

Boy this must be my lucky week - first the hotel, now this. Do I dare ask if it can get any better?!?!

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