Monday, September 28, 2009

Upcoming Anniversary

Layne & I have started a tradition of staying in a whirlpool suite overnight for our anniversary. It all started a few years ago when I won a raffle for whirlpool suite at a local hotel. It was awesome! We were able to sit in the whirlpool, relax, and just catch up on "us time". Some of the time was spent watching movies on cable, but a lot of the time was spent just talking and laughing. We had such a great time that night that it kind of started a tradition for us. We have always been pretty lucky and were able to find great deal locally (for just under $100).

Note: We always stay local because we know the restaurants that we like and because since we are in a town where we spend every day we aren't tempted to go out sightseeing or shopping and can focus on each other. Plus if we stay out of town the rooms are usually even more expensive, when we eat out at a restaurant that's out of town (unless it's a chain - who wants that??!?) we aren't sure we'll even like our meal, and of course there's gas, etc to pay for. So the night could easily turn into a $400-$500 evening. And that's not in the budget!

Anyway, as I was saying, we've always been able to find sales or coupons for a room. This year we haven't been so lucky. There haven't been any coupons available (that I've been able to find). I've tried calling the hotels and asking for any specials and the best I was able to come up with was a room for $159, which kind of sucks. There is a hotel that is pretty new to the area and we really wanted to stay there. When I called it was the same thing, $159 for the night. Today I decided to get on Expedia and look to see what the hotel was running for on there now (it was $157.99 last night on Expedia). Well as Lady Luck would have it there was some kind of "Fall Special" going on at Expedia and I was able to book the Extended King Suite w/ whirlpool and breakfast buffet for $118!!! So we will get a nice breakfast too, not just the cereal, donut selection that many of the hotel chains have. Yay for me!

And I even bought a sexy little number to wear (for a little while anyway) that I got online for $4.46 with free shipping. How is that for a bargain? ; )

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Miriam said...

Woohoo :) Sounds like a really good tradition :P Have fun!!!