Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ideas for your family to fight cabin fever

The last week here has been rainy and cold. Definitely not typical for this time of year! Because of the weather April has been spending a lot of time indoors - and complaining about being bored. : ) I just happened to come across a list of activities that I had jotted down - a lot of the ideas came from a book titled "Cabin Fever" that I came across early in the summer. Of course at that time I didn't need it, but thought I could take notes for the upcoming winter because chances are that I would forget that the book even exists as soon as I walked out of the library doors - because I have a good memory like that. I thought this book was pretty good for 3 main reasons. 1. It's full of ideas of things the family can do together - no matter how big or small of a family you have. 2. It encourages using the imagination. 3. Pretty much all of the materials used are things that a person already has at home or can acquire cheaply.

Here are some of my favorite ideas (some, but not all, come from "Cabin Fever", and I have added my own twist to all of them). : )

Advertising - make up a product and advertising campaign for it. Or make up an advertising campaign for a product that already exists.

Alien/Animal Penpals - write letters to an alien or animal, have another family member write back as though they are the alien or animal.

Almost..... (insert holiday) - celebrate that it's "almost" Halloween, "almost" Thanksgiving, "almost" Christmas, "almost" New Year's; you get the point.

Alphabet books - these could be done lots of ways. Cut pictures out of magazines of things that begin with each letter & paste them on the corresponding page, draw pictures for each letter, etc.

Fan letter - help your child write a fan letter to their favorite singer/actress/author.

Autobiography - have each member write a book about themselves. It can be as long or short, as serious or as silly as you want.

Beauty Salon - pretend to be at the salon. Fix each others hair, paint nails, etc.

Bon Voyage party - this could be done several ways also. Pretend someone is moving or going on a long trip and your having a party for them. Or have a "Bon Voyage Summer/Fall/Winter/Spring" party.

Candid Camera - take goofy pictures or get the camcorder ready to record silly skits.

Classic movies - spend an afternoon or evening watching some great classic movies.

Clothing Store - pretend like your closets are part of the merchandise at a clothing store. Pair together fun outfits - maybe even take pictures!

Cookie/Bakery Shop - spend the day baking. Maybe decorate cookies elaborately or try some fun treats that you may not normally have time to experiment with. If you make lots of things put them together on plates and deliver them to some of your neighbors.

Costume Party - dig out the costumes and throw a party! Or just pick some crazy clothes out of the closests. Make snacks and play party games.

Crazy news - make up news stories about things that are far-fetched. Again if you want you can record it & watch later.

Create a comic - work together as a family to incorporate everyone's ideas into a comic strip.

Dramatic Reading - read a book/poem/play & really act the part!

Durable goods (bookmarks, placemats, ornaments) - look up ideas online for easy paper crafts. Just grab some construction paper, yarn, colors, & glue - now your ready!

Family business - pretend your going to start a family business. What would you do? What would each person's role be? What would your advertising be?

Family logo - make up a family logo. Draw it on paper or making something on the computer. (You could even save it and have a t-shirt or something made for each family member for Christmas using the logo.)

Fine Dining - have everyone dress in their best & serve a candle-light meal. Drink out of plastic wine glasses & use "fancy" dishes (can be real or disposable).

Floor plan - have the family work together to make a floor plan for their "dream" home. Let each person design their own bedroom & work together on the main rooms (kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc).

For a better world - come up with ideas of what your family can do to make the world a better place. Pick a couple of the ideas & starting working on it!

Group authors - write a story as a group. Let each person create a character & have some input.

Greatest hits - compile a cd of the families favorite songs.

Hat trimming - decorate any hats you may have at the house or buy some cheap hats. Add flowers, ribbon, sparkles, etc.

Holidays from the twilight zone - make up some unique holidays. Or make up crazy "traditions" for holidays that already exist.

In-print hunt - have a scavenger hunt using magazines. Cut out the picture or word & glue onto a piece of construction paper.

Memory tester - a new take on the baby/wedding shower game. Give everyone 10 seconds to memorize a bunch of items that have been put on a cookie sheet & then ask them to write down everything they remember. Give the winner a gift certificate for a 2nd helping of dessert or an extra bedtime story.

New years eve - pretend it's New Year's Eve. Make snacks, listen to music, drink sparkling juice, & have a countdown to "midnight".

Nightlife/diso - turn the lights down, play some dance music, & get move around! Get some exercise in while dancing to the kids favorite songs.

Postcards - make up some post cards from "far-off lands". Write an account of your "vacation" to that land on the post card.

Scavenger/treasure hunt - make lists of items that you have hidden around the house for everyone to try to find those items. (Make sure YOU remember where you have hidden everything!)

Time capsule - make a family time capsule. Bury it (if you want) & dig it up in a few years!

I hope that this gives you at least one idea for something to do on an upcoming boring day!

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