Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Yesterday I posted that April is making bookmarks & selling them for $0.25 each to earn some money. She wanted to go out again last night. I happened to have been in shower when she came busting into the bathroom stating that a certain neighbor was outside & she wanted to see if she could go to his house & sell him one. I said sure – he lives 2 houses up from us, his granddaughter on occasion plays with April, & we visit him when he’s outside frequently. When I got out of the shower I asked April if he bought one. She said, “no he said he didn’t want any”. I could tell she was a little let down. I tried to explain to her that some people don’t enjoy reading & maybe he is one of those people.

I guess this kind of digs at me & I’m trying real hard to let it go. Of course part of it was because she is my daughter & I knew this was a little outside of her comfort zone since she’s so shy & I didn’t want her to be disappointed or go back into her shell. I know he & his wife aren’t hard up for money or it would be more understandable (I know this because of different things he has mentioned to us & because they just spent $6,000 to put a deck on their house – not because it needed to be done, just because they wanted to). Anyway I guess the reason it really bothers me is because this guy is always asking Layne to help him move stuff or to take him to the local home improvement store so he can help him get lumber or something (Layne’s pickup is bigger). Of course Layne always helps & asks for nothing in return. I guess that’s why it’s bothering. Although just typing it out is actually helping me get over it. : )

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