Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Random Beauty Tips

To have beautiful skin as you age use sunscreen religiously. Something I wish I would have done when I was younger – what was I thinking!

For the appearance of thicker eyelashes dust some powder on them, then apply mascara.

Use Preparation H to shrink the bags under your eyes or bug bites! It’s not just for hemorrhoids anymore!

To make your skin glow exfoliate several times a week. If you don’t want to buy a special product for this you can make your own by mixing sugar in with a liquid soap. Just add sugar until the “exfoliate” is a consistency that you like.

To get the moist out of moisturizers & moisturizing body lotions you need to use it within minutes of getting out of the bath/shower. The steam lets your pores open up. As your body/face cool off the pores close up again.

To get the best coverage on a zit apply moisturizer before your concealer so it doesn’t look flaky.

If your hair starts to look frizzy during the day run damp hands through your hair & it should reactivate the styling product you put in earlier. I do this, honestly it works okay – but I have naturally curly hair. So basically it’s almost always a little frizzy – unless I use so much product that my hair is crunchy. I bet it works great on straight hair though. (sigh) Oh to have straight – or at least controllable hair!

Think your nose looks too big? Run a line down the middle of your nose with a foundation or highlighting product that is one shade lighter than what you use on the rest of your face. It will give the illusion of a smaller nose. (Personally I’ve never tried this – but probably should!)

If you use navy mascara instead of black or brown the whites of your eyes will look even whiter! Bet this is a great tip for someone jaundice from hepatitis.

If you want your skin to look like it is nice & moisturized use a little baby oil on it. But know that a little goes a long way!! You don’t want to look like a greasy oil slick!
Always wanted bigger eyes?? Use a shade of liner on the top that is a little darker than the bottom. I don’t have a problem with big eyes. I frequently have the ‘deer in the headlights’ look – and it’s not intentional.


Heather said...

You do not have a deer in headlights look!

Good tips. I would use them, but these days I just can't be bothered to do much more than brush my teeth and comb hair. Sad.

Liz said...

Heather, you crack me up! It will get better for you - hopefully soon!! Pregnancy is so rough for some women - I feel your pain. My pregnancy was terrible and riddled with complications. That's a huge reason why there is only one! :(