Saturday, October 4, 2008

What next???

Okay so I am seriously having a bad week! Everything was actually going really great today - April had a friend over and they played and were so good! After that I went to an auction and picked up a couple things that my husband wanted. I had parked a few blocks away before the sale started. So when it was over I went to get my car so I didn't have to carry my purchases so far. When I started the car I put the windows down because it was pretty warm. As I was doing this I heard a crunch sound coming from the back drivers side window. I looked back at it, then tried to put the window back up. As I'm pushing the button for the window to go up I see the window slowly sliding all the way down. Yep, something broke and as we speak my window is being held up by masking tape.

You may remember me mentioning that tonight my husband and I were going to go out for supper to celebrate our anniversary since Tuesday night didn't work out. We drove to a new restaurant on the other side of town. We walked in the restaurant only to find out that the wait was about 45 minutes, and honestly I don't care how good the food is, I am not waiting 45 minutes for a seat. Especially when it's so crowded that you know it would be annoying. (We don't like crowds!) It was stupid to even try, but since it was before 5:00 we figured it wouldn't be too awful - WRONG! To make a long story we drove to a steakhouse about a mile from our house. Really I'm not even a big fan of steak - but this restaurant has other selections and is really good. This month they are having Oktoberfest specials. So I ordered the Sauerbraten. Oh my gosh! It was so good! I have never had Sauerbraten but do really love German food (must be because my family is originally from Germany) and have always wanted to try it. I have to say that the cider-soaked cabbage and the meat was so yummy! I wasn't particularly fond of the sweet cabbage and dumplings - it was okay, but I like sauerkraut that is sour, not sweet. I think if the cabbage was sour it would have been better. A picture of the dish is below. Sorry it's not a great picture, actually the food just looks like weird mush, but I took it with the camera on my cell phone.

Today's tip: When I was at the auction today there were some lace doilies. They were a cream color and very delicate and pretty. They reminded me of a tip I had seen on a cleaning show once that I have never actually used but will always remember. If you have lacy linens (doilies, curtains, tablecloth, etc) that have become discolored with age run some warm water and drop in 2-3 denture tablets. After the tablets dissolve add your linen. The tablets will remove the "aged yellowing" but is gentle enough not to damage your linens.

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Anonymous said...

Great tip! I'm so sorry about your window. It really *wasn't* your week in some ways. But you did get what you wanted at the auction, and your dinner sounds fabulous. We won't wait, either. 15 minutes is a strain for my DH? LOL! But he'll drive around for 30 minutes to find a place he likes better.