Sunday, October 12, 2008

A great weekend

This weekend was great. To start it off, on Friday I received a really cool surprise from a couple co-workers at another location. The surprise was one of those really awesome edible bouquets. How cool is that??? It was really yummy too! April and I devoured the entire thing on Saturday. (Thank you, Eden and Ron!) May I also mention that Eden is AWESOME! I truly think it's possible that we were supposed to be sisters or at least best friends in another life.
Friday night I went scrapbooking with some friends. I tell you, the time goes so fast! I did get quite a bit accomplished. (I'll post some pictures of some of the pages I did on a post later in the week.)
Saturday April and I hit a rummage sale and scored some cool decorations for Christmas and Thanksgiving. (Which we needed!) I also bought the game "Battle of the Sexes" - which is a pretty fun game - more on that later. My total purchase was $2.75 - not bad at all. I was the most excited about some really pretty glass ornaments that I picked up for $0.25 a box, I picked up 3 boxes. After the rummage we took my husband lunch. Then came home - and that's when I had a complete meltdown. Okay, let me start by explaining that our driveway is in the back of the house, off an alley to be exact. On one side of the driveway is my husband's boat and he parks his truck on the other side. So I park my car in front of the house. Well, when I got home Saturday I had to park clear down the block and walk up the hill to my house with my groceries because there was no place closer to park. This pisses me off for several reasons (sorry about the language) the main one being that I have ONE CAR and I really don't think it's too much to ask to be able to park in front of MY HOUSE! The home to the left and the home to the right typically have 3 or more cars at their house lining the street. I have to admit that I am a bit quick tempered and when I was walking up the sidewalk to my house I made some nasty comments about "not even being able to park in front of my damn house because everyone else parks there" but I'm pretty sure that when I said it the language was a bit more colorful. After my second trip to the car and back I called my mom and complained to her about this and about the house being a mess and not having time to do anything - ever. Do you know what she asked me? "Honey, is time for you to have your period?" I'm not joking. Now it's funny, but yesterday? Yeah, it wasn't so funny then. I must admit I've been feeling very hormonal lately and freaking out at the drop of a hat. I just need to CALM DOWN....
I did get some cleaning done and even cranked out a homemade German Chocolate cake for my brother Josh's birthday, which was actually last weekend. He and my sister-in-law, Penny were coming over for supper Saturday night and his only request was the cake. For supper I made green chile pork, spicy potatoes, and my husband threw together some cheese filled hot peppers. It was quite yummy. After supper we had some wine and played "Battle of the Sexes". I can totally see my extended family really getting into this game at some family dinner.
Overall it was a great weekend.

Today's tip: Want a quick pitcher of iced tea but you don't have one of those ice tea makers? As long as you have a coffee machine you can iced tea in minutes. Prepare your pot as though your going to make coffee. In the coffee filter though empty about 4 tea bags. Run the water threw the cycle. While that is brewing fill a pitcher with ice. When the coffee pot is full of your tea pour it over the ice. It gets cold very quickly and is ready to serve right away.


Anonymous said...

Do you do anything to the coffee maker to keep it from tasting like coffee? That's why I've never done this with my herbal teas. I don't drink coffee or regular tea, and the flavor of coffee in my herb mixtures would not be a good thing for my taste buds.

I totally understand about your parking issue! Is there anywhere else the boat can be parked? It doesn't have to go in and out every day, so maybe someone you know has a spot it can be stuck until needed?

Liz said...

I think we are going to see about storing it at my in-laws over the winter. But if we get much snow I can't park back there because the alley doesn't get plowed and my little Focus would get stuck!

I have never had it taste like coffee. I would try maybe just running a pot or two of plain water through before adding the tea.