Thursday, November 6, 2008

Walmart rant

It's hard to believe that it was a week ago that I made my last post. I am very sorry to those of you who have checked it everyday only find that it hasn't been updated. I have been having some health difficulties that have been a bit exhausting and I haven't been so good about getting online because I've been a bit out of it sometimes from the medication. I'm trying to look at the whole experience as God preparing me for something or using this opportunity to help or educate someone. I admit it's very hard to do when I'm in pain and incapable of moving at all. I spend a lot of time praying and crying but I know that it will all be figured out when it's supposed to be. I just need to work harder at being patient and knowing that things happen on God's timetable, not mine.
Onto a lighter note..... We had parent-teacher conferences tonight. It was great to hear how well April is doing with her reading. She is reading at a second grade level (she is in first grade) which absolutely makes us proud. The teacher kept telling us how good she is - funny how people will always comment about how well behaved your child is and the whole time your thinking "who do you have my child confused with???" I know my child is capable of being that fantastic angelic child, it's just that I rarely get to see that side. I always get the side that is whiny and throws temper tantrums. It seems that no matter how I deal with it's never the right way. I always end up getting frazzled and reacting in the completely wrong way. Actually it's a lot like how I act when I'm at Walmart. I don't know about you but that store - well, to be blunt, that store pisses me off. I can't ever find what I'm looking for because the way some of the things are arranged makes no sense to me. For example: last year I was looking for a disposable roasting pan for a turkey, right? Well, I looked over by the disposable plates and things because in other stores that I have been to that's where they were. But were they there? No. They were over by the REAL pans. Then there is the fact that they are always crowded. Quite honestly they are even that cheap. Many times I've seen things at Walmart that were not cheaper than they were anywhere else. I've actually found that Target seems to be just as cheap or in some cases cheaper (especially if combining sales & coupons). I typically spend no more than $0.75 on a stick of deodarant at Target by combining sale prices & coupons, sometimes as little as $0.25. I'm getting off of the subject here, sorry. Okay, back to Walmart. It never fails I always get behind the person with 1 cart that is completely over flowing with items and then they send their kids back to different sections to get other items that they have forgotten. Just this weekend I went there with my mom & daughter to get a pair of black dress shoes for my daughter. They had 1 pair of shoes in her size - I'm not joking one pair!!! I don't think my mom was real impressed with my hormonal tirade at the store either. Okay, that's enough ranting for one night!
This weekend we are going back down to visit my brother & his family, Sunday is the baby shower. I can't wait to see my neice again. Let me tell you, she is something. She is adorable & so funny! And of course she thinks that Aunt Liz rocks!! (Smart girl!)
I recently came across a really cool website that lists some really awesome specials. Often they post some coupon codes so you get some items pretty much free. So today's tip: go check out I've been checking there everyday and have taken advantage of a couple of the specials to pick up a couple Christmas presents. Go check it out!

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