Saturday, November 15, 2008

Today's Shopping Adventure

Anyone curious about how my shopping extravaganza today turned out? It wasn't too bad - honestly I didn't get much Christmas shopping done, although I did get some nice things for myself. I purchased 4 sweaters, 2 bras, and 2 shirts for myself and spent less than $40. And trust me I needed the tops!! So while I didn't accomplish squat for Christmas shopping at least the day wasn't a complete loss.

I read a tip from a gal somewhere (don't remember where) that to budget for the extra expense of the holidays she would buy gift cards and put extra money that she had budgeted for but didn't spend on these gift cards - usually about $10 a week or so. Think of how easy it would be to put $10 a week on a reloadable gift card - you'd never miss it and then you'd have $520 for the holiday season. This is definitely a tip I plan on putting to use next year! Seems like money is always so tight during the holidays and if you already have it put aside it shouldn't hurt the bank account near as much - I think though that I would probably put money on gift cards to a couple different places (not Walmart!!!) so at least I have a selection of a couple stores to do my shopping from. It would be great to put about $100 of it on a grocery gift card for all the food required at the various gatherings.

My husband is a production supervisor at a local honey plant. He has 15 people (12 women & 3 men) that report to him. Each year I get the privilege of selecting a nice (but affordable) gift. We have given them fleece blankets, hat/glove sets, candles, mugs w/ goodies, homemade bath salts, and I don't remember what else. This year - well, this year I have NO IDEAS! Since I have had a significant amount of time unpaid off work the money is really tight, which makes finding a frugal gift all the more important. I would welcome any ideas..... (hint, hint).....

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Miriam said...

Don't you love new bras? I'm serious! Looks like you did great getting all those things for under $40.