Sunday, November 30, 2008

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree.....

2 years ago we had a very sad looking Christmas tree, trust me it was sparse and falling apart. So last year we decided that we would have nothing other than a real tree. It was actually our first time having a real tree. It was kind of nice - it smelled good. But it was a pain in the rear with the needles always dropping, ornaments dropping over the weeks as the tree started to droop, and of course it hurt like crazy when trying to decorate the tree with all the needles poking at you.

This year we found a tree that truly looks but real, but it's not. No more ornaments crashing to the floor in the middle of the night. No more pine needles getting stuck in our socks as we walk through the dining room. The finished product?

April had seen the trees when the started showing up in stores (what was it, like August?!?!?) and wanted a little tree for her room. Well, her room was a terrible mess. We had been trying to bribe her with a surprise for a week or more before she finally cleaned her room (although honestly it needs to have some things tossed!) yesterday. Here she is standing next to HER tree that she decorated all by herself:

I know, I know! Her tree looks little sparse. We didn't have too many decorations that were lightweight and not breakable, we gave her the "extras" that fit into that category but we will still need to buy her some additional ones. She is very proud of this little tree!

Did any of you pick up any fantastic deals on Friday or Saturday? I didn't do a whole lot of shopping. I did pick a few things up Friday late afternoon, but there was no way I was going out to brave the crowds in the morning! Part of the reason is I really don't know what to get for presents this year. Usually by now I have my shopping at least half done. Not this year, I've barely even started. Next year by this time I swear I will be done!!!

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Miriam said...

Your tree does look pretty real! April's is cute, too :)